Final report of REDUST Action 3 (Emission and Cost estimation) published

A4 coverFinal report of REDUST Action 3 (Total PM10 emissions, reduction potential and cost estimations of the measures to support the strategy development) has been published. The report includes estimations of street dust reduction efficiency of different maintenance techniques, estimates of cost of current and improved actions and also research information about the air quality / respirable dust (PM10) trends prevailing in the Helsinki region.

Final report of REDUST Action 3 presents estimates of efficiency of dust binding and different street washing techniques to reduce dust emissions from street surfaces. These estimates have been applied and combined with weather information to create a model which enables the evaluation of street maintenance actions to reduce street dust. In Helsinki it has been evaluated that up to 25 % reduction in street dust emissions may be reached during spring dust period with improved maintenance measures.

The REDUST Action 3 final report also presents street dust trends measured by the Sniffer vehicle in comparison to official air quality measurements at street site in Helsinki. These measurements both indicate a declining trend in street dust during the REDUST period (2011-2014) in comparison to previous season (2006-2010). This supports the thesis that improved street maintenance actions can improve the street dust situation in cities.

All reports of REDUST project can be found at results-section of this website.