Final report of REDUST Action 4 (Strategy) published

A4 coverFinal report of REDUST Action 4: Winter maintenance strategy with feasible additional measures has been publihed. The report focuses on the signifigance of demonstrated maintenance actions, such as dust binding, street cleaning and traction sanding, as part of air quality improvement strategy. Results of REDUST project suggest that improved street maintenance strategy has good potential to reduce street dust emissions and further to reduce negative health impacts of street dust in the urban areas.

During the REDUST project the measures available for street maintenance organizations were studied both in demonstration locations and as part of actual street maintenance of the participating cities. The example area for improved street maintenance strategy is Helsinki Centre, where most actions have been taken and also positive results from air quality monitoring have been obtained. In the coming years the environmental policy accepted by the city council of Helsinki in 2012 will guide the strategic goals to even more demanding direction.

During the REDUST project the maintenance organizations of the participating cities have developed their operations towards more active street dust mitigation. The same set of strategic actions does not necessarily suite every location, but the basis for succesful strategy development is same: 1) ambitious long and short term goals, 2) a suitable set of best practices, 3) methods to measure progress towards the objectices and 4) good communication and co-operation between the different stakeholders.

Based on the studies it was estimated that a quarter of street dust emissions in busy urban traffic locations might be cut with improvedĀ dust binding and street cleaning measures as part of improved maintenance strategy. The final report of the REDUST strategy work is available in English on theĀ results-section of REDUST website or directly through this link.