REDUST Seminars


REDUST Seminars were held at Viikki Environment house, Helsinki

REDUST has hosted two international street dust seminars for Scandinavian and Baltic audiences. First international seminar was held in October 2012 and second seminar  in September 2014. REDUST seminars are focused on prevention of street dust by means of improved maintenance, but other topics relating to air quality have been debated as well. Presentations of the international REDUST seminars offer insight to important themes of street dust research, air quality monitoring and street maintenance work in Northern areas.

Presentations of international REDUST seminars

REDUST Street dust seminar on September 30th 2014, Viikki, Helsinki

Seminar presentations:

Objectives and Actions of the REDUST project – Jukka-Pekka Männikkö, Helsinki Environment Centre

Results of the REDUST demonstration tests – Liisa Pirjola, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Cost-efficiency of the Dust Binding and Street Cleaning Measures – Jarkko Niemi, Helsinki Region Environmental Authority

Winter Tyre Emissions in REDUST Demonstrations and Previous NASTA Research – Liisa Pirjola, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Air Quality in Helsinki Region During REDUST Project – Tarja Koskentalo, Helsinki Region Environmental Authority

Operational Measures Against PM10 Pollution in Stockholm – Mats Gustafsson, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

Status of Roaddust in Norway and an Introduction to the NORTRIP Model – Ingrid Sundvor, Norwegian Institute for Air Research

REDUST Street dust seminar on October 31st 2012, Viikki, Helsinki

Seminar presentations:

Adverse health effects of street dust – Raimo O. Salonen, National Institute of Health and Welfare, Finland

Non-exhaust traffic emissions: Knowledge gained in the NORTRIP project – Christer Johansson, Stockholm University

Street dust sources and introduction to Redust – Kaarle Kupiainen, Finnish Environmental Institute / Nordic Envicon Oy

Cost-efficiency of the dust binding and street cleaning measures – Jarkko Niemi, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority

Winter maintenance reducing street dust in Oslo – Tom Kristoffersen, Agency of Road and Transport, City of Oslo

EU LIFE project CMA+ results – Mats Gustafsson, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

Winter maintenance strategies in Helsinki Metropolitan Area – Ville Alatyppö, Public Works Department, City of Helsinki

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